Chimney and Fireplace Repair Specialists, We are your local concrete and masonry experts on-call since 1991.

Do you need your chimney repaired? We work with all styles of chimney’s, we can work to repair as well as full replacements. Our specialties include anything with brick, mortar, block, stone, stone, or concrete. We can work with your existing designs and create a custom plan for your project.

Dayco General has been a premier concrete contractor in the Minneapolis metro area and surrounding communities for over two decades. We can handle any job. We have the expertise to tackle small custom jobs or huge commercial jobs. Estimates are always FREE, we would love to hear about your project needs. 

Concrete Driveway

Our services include repair and install of driveways, sidewalks, patios, steps, garage floors, aprons and more. Offering regular, exposed aggregate, and colored concrete.

Dayco General is one of the few contractors that does not wet cut the Concrete Driveway control joints; we return the next day and saw cut them instead. This process along with the curing and sealing compound, has a lot of advantages over our competitors.

Concrete Entryway

Some call them stoops we call them entryways… We give them the dignity they deserve.

The sky’s the limit here! Feel free to browse the slideshow  to get ideas from our completed jobs of Concrete Steps, Concrete Entryways, Concrete Sidewalks. AND if you see something around town that you like, we can duplicate it for you.

Even if you’re simply looking to replace your entry steps with something basic, we can help you!

Brick Chimney Repair

At Dayco General we repair and replace brick and mortar chimneys.
Our installers have been trained in chimney physics. We are experts at approaching Chimney Repair work with industry recognized safety standards and proper repair techniques. Your chimney repair will be done to code!

We will repair the top of a chimney by installing a new cap, perform tuckpointing or, if needed, tear down the whole chimney and rebuild it… Whatever is needed.

Decorative Stonework

Quality matters when working with raw stone and creating decorative designs and facades. At Dayco, our masons have worked decades perfecting their skills in order to give your project a perfected appearance.

We look forward to detailed and challenging projects that test our skills and we hope to hear about your project now.

Commercial Masonry

Commercial Masonry - Minneapolis

Commercial masonry has to be highly durable which can make it a little more generic, but a skilled mason can turn your mundane and ordinary into art. Your commercial project deserves the art effect that one of our local Dayco masons can provide. There is no job too big, consider calling a Dayco mason to quote your project today.

Chimney Repair

Minneapolis is located in one of the coldest states of the country. You really can’t afford to not maintain your heating systems. 

Dayco has contracts available to allow our trained chimney sweeps access to maintain your fireplace and chimney. Call for more information today.

Learn About Masonry

Brick Manufacturing

Brick Manufacturing

Brick manufacturing is a straightforward process. We use any of these style bricks and sometimes...

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