For a mason brickwork is the basic, we at Dayco take pride in our mastery of these basic techniques because even though it is the stepping stone of a good mason. There is also a huge level of skill required to achieve almost perfect symmetry with imperfect building supplies. 

We excel in constructing and repairing brickwork in:

Dayco is very professional. They took a picture of our chimney, showed us exactly what they would do to repair it, and their work came out perfectly. They also went above and beyond the call of duty, taking care of a leak that wasn’t connected to their chimney repair.

Ken Anderson

Golden Valley

  • brick steps
  • buttresses
  • piers


  • planter boxes
  • sidewalks
  • front entryways
  • stoops
  • chimney
  • water damaged facia
  • window sill lowrock

We use a variety of techniques to achieve the look that our customers desire. Request a Quote

Stack Stone Chimney
Working with stack stone can be tricky and getting it all to line up photogenically can be a fun challenge for an experienced mason. We love the way this one came out.
Chimney Repair Spring Park MN |
Brick Chimney Repair
Brick is a heavy, sweaty, dirty component to awesome masonry, let our experts help make your new brick chimney look like it's always been there.
Chimney Repair Maplewood MN |
Chimney Repair
Our masons will match your existing brick to create a seamless finish to your repair.
Chimney Repair Shorewood MN |
Chaska Chimney Repair
We updated this lovely chimney in Chaska, MN. The liner and brickwork was replaced for a nice clean new look.
Repaired Chimney
Stone Chimney Masonry
We're stone masonry experts, you'll love the look of your new stone chimney.
Stone Chimney Feature Image Homepage
Brick Chimney Repair
Bricks are a classic look that everyone loves, we'll work hard to match exiting brickwork or create something completely new for you.
Chimney Repair and Service Quote Minneapolis MN Dayco General
Veneer Stone Chimney
Dayco can repair or replace your chimney with premium quality materials that you would expect.
Chimney Repair Edina MN |
Two Story Brick Chimney Maintenance
As certified chimney sweeps, Dayco is able to work on and maintain your chimney as well as make any repairs that would be needed.
Chimney Repair Deephaven MN |
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