Brickwork and Brick Chimney Repair

Long Brick Path

Brickwork is the most common type of masonry in modern times.

For a mason brickwork is the basics, we at Dayco take pride in our mastery of these basic techniques because even though it is the stepping stone of a good mason. We believe that our skills and mastery of the brick are exceptional. There is also a huge level of skill required to achieve almost perfect symmetry with imperfect building supplies.

There are 100’s of brick color and texture options, but the most pertinent question that our company deals with is brick size.  There are two size brick that we deal with the most and that is modular, which are 7 5/8” long, and standard, which are a full 8” in length.  Both brick types have the same dimensional height and width.

The reason this matters is because we only do restoration work; we tear out and replace. We are almost always attempting to match the footprint of what someone built years ago and that we are replacing because its gone bad.  For example a chimney has a specific square or rectangle footprint usually built with one of these to brick sizes, therefore whatever brick size the original builders chose is what we will make as our first choice for matching brick. 

If a brick chimney was built with modular (or mods) and we attempted to rebuild it with standards, then the brick would be too long to fit the length and width unless we saw cut the brick down to size which would add cost to the project.

Chimney Repair Completion

 What is main faults with brickwork on chimneys?

With brick chimney repair in Minneapolis, the brick work typically goes bad from the top down.  In nearly all cases, the deterioration is caused by age and water intrusion.  The principle cause of brick failure in MN compared to most other areas in the northern hemisphere is that brick and mortar simply do not last as long due to the severity of our winters.  March is the toughest month for brick and mortar chimneys in Minneapolis because of freeze/thaw cycling.

When brick are new they generally have what is called a low “suction rate” which is a measurement of the amount of water a brick will absorb or wick into its surface.  Freeze damage is really not an issue.  It’s only as the years go by and the brick ages we begin to see the suction rates increase to a point where  problems like brick spall become evident.

In a climate like Minneapolis aging brick begin to absorb water that penetrates further into microscopic areas beneath the face.  When these small very small pockets of moisture freeze the brick is caused to swell by a very small amount. As time passes and the number of freeze/thaw cycles add up, then water penetration becomes deeper and the brick will reach critical loss of cohesion resulting in a layer of the brick face popping off.

Chimney brick is more susceptible to these processes compared to a home sidewall that has its brick protected by an eve.  Chimneys typically rely on a concrete cap that will crack and deteriorate over time allowing damaging moisture to reach both sides of the brick units below.  A leaky chimney cap is the primary reason that chimneys go bad from the top down.



Why choose glazed bricks?

Working with glazed bricks is something many clients should consider for projects. They are a little more costly, but the benefits outweigh the costs for many applications.  

Glazed bricks are made in a single firing which fuses the glaze to the facing of the brick. They are fired for diffferent characteristics and strengths, so having a professional on your side when considering the glaze is important.

Glazed bricks can be resistant to fading, fire resistant, heat resistant, and are resistant to abrasion. They also do not absorb smoke like many other bricks. This makes them ideal for grilling locations and patio walls.

They should definitely be considered when talking about kitchen design, where grilling would be done. They are ideal for commercial kitchen areas.

They should also be considered for areas where the smooth look and design will be asthetically appealing. This makes them an ideal solution for many commercial applications where these material strengths can make a huge difference and the smooth clean look will be appreciated.


We excel in constructing and repairing brickwork in:

  • brick steps
  • buttresses
  • piers
  • planter boxes
  • sidewalks
  • front entrances
  • stoops
  • chimneys
  • water damaged facia
  • window sill low rock

We use a variety of techniques to best achieve our clients expected results.

Why you should choose Dayco.

Dayco is uniquely qualified because we are an exceptionally skilled brick masonry company.

We haven’t changed from that, we started repairing chimneys because the need was so great. Our brickwork is where our skills were first and where they remain. We’ve got a generation of brickwork experience. Other companies started as chimney sweeps and started doing brickwork because there was a need, but brickwork is their secondary skill.

Over the years, we’ve secured our CSIA certification and have sent our lead installers across the country on multiple occasions to receive advanced training in chimney repair. We able to achieve great success with the most difficult to access jobs as well as large jobs. We can do the jobs that other companies won’t consider.

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