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When it pertains to chimney repair contractor quotes, know that older homes typically have structural issues to fix which can comprise the necessity for chimney reconstruction. The amount of work might shock you to bring a chimney from old to new with upgraded standards and building codes. Dayco General Inc. is a full service Chimney Repair Contractor in the Minneapolis metro area.Maintaining the historical aesthetic allure of homes built before 1920 can be a challenge, while determining the safety standards of the chimney and most notably chimney liners. Liners keep your home and family safe and secure. They work to vent the gases and hazardous fumes from the home out to the environment.

It is highly recommended to have a trained professional inspect the chimney prior to buying a home, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a historic home. It would be wise for you to require a chimney reconstruction quote. These type projects are not always cheap and could cost more than any other type restorations. Conventional home inspectors do not ordinarily have training for chimney’s, so you will want an industry professional to inspect your chimney when you are considering a historic home.

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The first step in a chimney reconstruction quote is to identify the correct size and type of liner that is needed to the specifications of the fireplace. Our specialists here at Dayco General are experienced in making these decisions. This is very rarely a do-it-yourself project.

Next, the fireplaces must be the proper size for the current city code. Historic homes sometimes have fireplaces too shallow to burn wood. They may have at first been coal burning or ceramic heaters. Those original types of fireplaces could very well be very hazardous and emit carbon monoxide. These small fireplaces can in some cases be transformed safely into a gas burning fireplace. Dayco General Inc. is CISA CertifiedThis kind of solution has, in many cases, proven to be a reliable way to do a chimney restoration that meets building code.

Lastly, make sure that the outside of your chimney is inspected for missing or delaminated mortar and damaged brickwork or stone. Historical mortar was sometimes thin (called “butter joints”) especially, in Victorian-era chimneys. It can be challenging to find an acceptable match for bricks for these older Chimneys. And that’s why it’s for good reason for you to call on the expertise of our team at Dayco General for your Chimney Repair Contractor quotes.

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