Minnesota Cold Weather Effects on Chimney Repair

image - Dayco General is CISA CertifiedOver time, Chimney masonry concrete can lose its integrity. Exposure to extreme weather, poorly–designed construction, or the use of improper building materials is one of the main causes of chimney deterioration especially in cold weather climates like Minnesota. We’re able to help though when you notice any problems with your chimney call us! We service the entire Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

The freeze and thaw process is what wrecks chimneys. The bricks or masonry will absorb small amounts of water and that will freeze and thaw based on the usage of the fireplace and naturally as well with varying weather temperatures. This is what causes the bricks and masonry to crumble the forces of nature in this natural process natural freeze and thaw cycle. The cycle is prepetuated by usage, but who wants a fireplace and chimney that isn’t used.  

There is also a difference in air pressure between outside and inside of your chimney itself. During cold weather the interior of your chimney is usually warmer than the outside air and that warming hot air can cause negative pressure. This negative pressure can create a vacuum which will cause the cold air from outside be brought down the chimney. That is why a functional damper is so important. You’re able to use your damper to neutralize this building pressure and avoid dangerous back drafts within your home.  You’ll want it partially closed while using fireplace on windy days and every time you are not using the fireplace, completely close the damper.

Our qualified technicians at Dayco General are able to handle all of your chimney repair needs. Whether you need minor repairs, chimney part replacements, or masonry repairs, our chimney repair experts provide efficient and quality repair services to customers in the Minneapolis metro area. We also offer routine maintenance and annual inspections, so call us today for all of your chimney service needs.


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