Repair Cracked Concrete Block Chimneys

Block Chimney Replacement

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We believe that all cracks deserve answers, so we will work to find the reason why your chimney blocks to fix the why before we fix the block itself. Why is there cracking? A typical reason for a chimney block crack is:

  1. frost is the main issue in Minnesota
  2. missing rain caps
  3. porous masonry 
  4. improper construction 
  5. chimney footing tipping
  6. chimney footing settling
  7. expansive clay soil disturbing a chimney footing
  8. thermal expansion of the clay flue liner
  9. omission of an expansion joint at the chimney cap
  10. chimney fire
  11. mechanical damage or lack of adequate support for tall chimney section

Dayco General is committed to investigate and identify the probable cause, then decide on the remedy for the safety and function of your chimney, integrity of your chimney flue and of any other fireplaces or other attached heating systems.


We service these Minneapolis metro areas and more!

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