Should we repair or replace our chimney?

Dangerous Chimney Repair Job (before) -

In the instance of the photo on the left. The current homeowner was stuck with a chimney that was “repaired” by the previous owner. The new chimney was replaced on top of a base that was structurally compromised.

The entire chimney structure now needs to be completely removed and replaced from the ground up.  If this work would have been done right the first time, it would not be such a costly undertaking.

This is an extreme example of a situation that we actually see quite frequently. For whatever reason, a contractor didn’t replace the entire chimney when the entire chimney should have been replaced. It’s usually a function of cost/benefit. A $4,000.00 chimney repair is a lot less than a $12,000.00 chimney repair!

We’ve found that if the property owner has short-term goals, are going to be putting the property on the market or we’re dealing with a “house flipper”, then we almost invariably see them opt for the minimum repair. However, you will end up paying twice as much in the end.

Unfortunately, this kind of practice for chimney repair and replace, is common. In every case, we schedule a meeting with the home owners to help understand all options available for your brick chimney.

Even though it is a standard to repair to replace only the top of a chimney. It always ends up being a judgement call for the property owner, and the make every effort to give quality advice! Not every chimney needs to be completely replaced when only the upper areas are having problems.

Dayco General has repaired and replaced thousands of chimneys over our many years of service, our trained technicians are able to see tell tail signs which will give us qualified clues as to how long a chimney will last if we only do a “chimney top repair job”.

Our repairs will always be the right one for you, the home owner. Our repairs are beautiful and safe and will always meet code. In every case we endeavor to please our customer.

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