Chimney Repair – Minneapolis

Here is a slider of residential chimney repair jobs we’ve done all around the Minneapolis area. Each one of these images is expandable so you can see them just a little closer, just give them a click.

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Smoke in House

Why does smoke come down our chimney? We’re wondering if you could look at our chimney for problems with venting.  I can tell you we’ve had several opinions on how to fix it and you were referred by __ who told us you’d be able to figure it...

Should we repair or replace our chimney?

Is it best to repair or replace a worn chimney? Here is the answer from the professionals at Dayco.

Chimney Repair in Cold Weather

Yes, you will be told it’s not ideal to do chimney repairs when the weather is less than ideal. There are several reasons for this, the primary one is that mortars do not set properly when temperatures are lower. Another reason is safety, roofs often become slick when...

Minnesota Cold Weather Effects on Chimney Repair

Over time, Chimney masonry concrete can lose its integrity. Exposure to extreme weather, poorly–designed construction, or the use of improper building materials is one of the main causes of chimney deterioration especially in cold weather climates like Minnesota....

Repair Cracked Concrete Block Chimneys

We believe that all cracks deserve answers, so we will work to find the reason why your chimney blocks to fix the why before we fix the block itself. Why is there cracking? A typical reason for a chimney block crack is: frost is the main issue in Minnesota missing...