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Need chimney repair Wayzata MN? Call Dayco General now for a free chimney inspection. 612-930-2329. In spite of the style or age, chimney’s will show wear which will result in the necessity for inspection; repair or maintenance services. chimney Repair Wayzata MN | 612-930-2329

Prior to delving into chimney repairs, it is crucial to look at the structural form of the chimney as this is the foundation of the preliminary procedures. The brick and mortar should not allow rain or other elements to infiltrate the chimney’s composite structure.

Deterioration to chimneys may be brought on by several factors. Nonetheless, the scope and size of repairs is most usually a factor of the age of the structure but can also be brought on by harsh weather or a chimney fire. Problems as a result of deteriorating mortar, excess moisture within the chimney, or a chimney fire will weaken clay tile liners and the brick, it is extremely important that chimneys are inspected from time to time. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends yearly chimney inspection. In the Twin Cities Metro area our harsh freeze/thaw cycles adds even more weight to the demand for routine inspections.

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Qualified repairs are needed when you feel that the scope of the deterioration is over and above what you can adequately handle. Inspection by our CSIA certified experts will supply you with a report which offers correct maintenance procedures.
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Swollen bricks or swollen mortar joints can cause the chimney to lean and lose its stability. Masonry swelling results from age and water leaks in the structure. Both brick and mortar are relatively water resistant when they are brand-new, but without the routine maintenance treatment of a waterproofing sealant, this quality is gradually lost with time and toward the end of their life span the moisture absorbency of masonry escalates drastically. This often leads to increasingly rapid expansion damage during our freeze/thaw.

Spalled brick is a very common damage found in chimneys.
Missing mortar joints should be thoroughly repointed with
new mortar to minimize further damage to the chimney structure.

Older brick and mortar that has been through many freeze/thaw cycles, notably on chimneys that have a leaking cap that has allowed water to both the interior and exterior of a wall, can swell considerably causing a detectable (sometimes unsafe) lean as time goes by. Remarkably, a chimney that leans due to this process will regularly tip away from the sun. In the Northern hemisphere, this means an older chimney with severe freeze/thaw expansion damage will lean toward the North because the sunny side will have a broader depth of temperature variation and even more frequent fluctuations in the freeze/thaw phenomena. We have seen tall chimneys that were leaning so precariously that we suggested non-occupancy of areas below the hinge point of the chimney until repairs could be made.

In spite of many essential preventative measures, if you find any cracks, signs of degeneration, crumbling mortar in the chimney, it is time to get call our pros here at Dayco General for a chimney inspection to confirm the safety and security of your home. Ignoring masonry chimney concerns may possibly be downright costly and dangerous for your family.

Dayco General is CSIA certified, fully licensed and insured. (License # BC266544).
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