Maple Grove is a center for natural resources and beauty.

In Maple Grove, you will find 13 lakes, the Hindu Temple of Minnesota, over 2000 acres of gravel mining, and the first town hall of the city. Maple Grove is also know for the second North Memorial Hospital; what started as a single hospital has branched into the new medical center and has 26 specialty clinics, primary care clinics and emergency care.

A Leader In HealthCare

Brickwork Highlights

The masonry industry is an exciting place to be when we have wonderful cities like Maple Grove to be a part of.

Maple Grove has a history of great brickwork. The long winters almost naturally invite people to gather around a fireplace.  Almost, every home in Maple Grove has some sort of fireplace. These fireplaces are typically the center of the home a place for folks to relax and put their feet up to get warm.

Although, Maple Grove got it’s name from the trees and the original sawmills. It is not a place devoid of amazing masonry.  The modern masonry of Maple Grove is quite impressive as you’ll see in our video tour. There are so many amazing businesses and buildings most with masonry finishes.

Maple Grove Fire Pit
Maple Grove Shipping Center

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“2nd best place to live” 2014 by Money Magazine

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