Commercial Masonry and Cement Services

Commercial Chimney Repair
Commercial Chimney Repair
Tuckpointing & Restoration -
Tuckpointing & Restoration -

Brick Repair

This is actually 2 different jobs on 2 different buildings. In both cases we are replacing brick that has gone bad.

Dave convinced the owner to give the building (below) a little character and change the cream colored brick banding to a nice red blend.
They loved it!
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Commercial Tuckpoionting Repair (before) -
Commercial Tuckpoionting Repair (after) -
commercial driveway replacement, framing -
Commercial sidewalk replacement -
Commercial Driveway Concrete -

Concrete Foundations

Pictured is a 12 thickness concrete and rebar machine foundation we did in mid-January at the Carlson companies building on Hwy 55 & CR 6 in Plymouth.

We used one of the most expensive mixes Aggregate Industries (Our Redi-Mix supplier) makes, and had to work within certain weather parameters and slab level tolerances.

A very successful mid-winter challenge!

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Commercial Before and After Tuckpointing -


The crew is working on the front entryway. some of the bluestone caps have been set on the lower two risers.

The finished product is a huge improvement to the first impression of the house. the face brick colors are picked up in the door and windows. the ny bluestone has a unique beauty of it’s own, it lends itself well in many applications. we installed a new concrete slab in front of the new stoop.

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Brickwork, Tuckpointing, Brick Repair -
Commercial Tuckpoint Mortar Repair -
Commercial Church Brick Restoration -
commercial brick restoration -

Large Restoration Projects

This building was part of a large restoration project for a west suburban Catholic School.

We tuckpointed the building, replaced brick and cut in a new doorway.
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Commercial mortar joint repair -

Control Joint Caulking

We were sub-contracted to replace some to the control joint caulking around the roofline of a downtown Minneapolis apartment building.

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Commercial Window Caulking

Here we replaced the caulking around some of the upper floor windows at a Minneapolis condominium.

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Commercial brick repair -