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Why choose Dayco General for your Commercial Needs?

Dayco Scaffolding for Commercial Job

Dayco General provides high-quality masonry services. Our experience allows us to identify current masonry weaknesses and solve them for the long term. We offer fair costs and transparency in pricing. Give our specialists a chance to impress you.

Dayco General specializes in various types of masonry. We are true craftsmen capable of working in any architectural style. We carefully match our staff’s expertise to your project needs, ensuring your expectations are exceeded.

We are renowned for our high-quality craftsmanship and excellent architectural design. Our services are tailored to fit a wide range of budgets. With extensive experience across diverse projects, we emphasize effective communication both internally and with our customers.

Certified Experts

Our masonry staff is expert. We are one of the few masonry services in Minneapolis area to send our staff to certification training and continued education classes to help them perfect their ability to do masonry tasks. We invest in our people to give you the best people for your needs, so it’s not only the job experience that makes our people amazing. It is that they are trained and certified to be able to complete your job the most effectively.


We have seen quality work and have an eye for seeing it. Masonry is everywhere. The standards that we use are the top of the industry. We are going to get your job done correctly with a service team that will keep you informed of what is happing. 

Commercial Masonry Services You May Need For Your Business

Commercial ProjectBrick Repair

This is actually 2 different jobs on 2 different buildings. In both cases we are replacing brick that has gone bad.

Dave convinced the owner to give the building (below) a little character and change the cream colored brick banding to a nice red blend.

They loved it!

Commercial Building Before

Commercial Building 

commercial driveway replacement, framing - DaycoGeneral.comConcrete Foundations

Commercial sidewalk replacement - DaycoGeneral.comPictured is a 12 thickness concrete and rebar machine foundation we did in mid-January at the Carlson companies building on Hwy 55 & CR 6 in Plymouth.

Commercial Driveway Concrete - DaycoGeneral.comWe used one of the most expensive mixes Aggregate Industries (Our Redi-Mix supplier) makes, and had to work within certain weather parameters and slab level tolerances.

A very successful mid-winter challenge!


Tuckpointing is a repair that focuses on the mortar joint between brick or stone and does not address the masonry unit itself. The most important thing to know about tuckpointing is what job should not be tuckpointed. There are many situations where tuckpointing is almost a complete waste of money. If you are considering a repair that involves tuckpointing get a free evaluation from us; in many cases we can provide you with more thorough information that will help you to make the most informed decision about your building’s exterior improvement work. Ask us about our modern “dustless” mortar removal system!

The crew is working on the front entryway. some of the bluestone caps have been set on the lower two risers.

The finished product is a huge improvement to the first impression of the house. the face brick colors are picked up in the door and windows. the ny bluestone has a unique beauty of it’s own, it lends itself well in many applications. we installed a new concrete slab in front of the new stoop.

Commercial Building BeforeLarge Restoration Projects

Commercial BuildingThis building was part of a large restoration project for a west suburban Catholic School.

We tuckpointed the building, replaced brick and cut in a new doorway.



Commercial TuckpointingControl Joint Caulking

We do control joint caulk and window and door caulk replacement for condominiums & apartment complexes.

We were sub-contracted to replace some to the control joint caulking around the roofline of a downtown Minneapolis apartment building.

Commercial Black and White ImageCommercial Window Caulking

Here we replaced the caulking around some of the upper floor windows at a Minneapolis condominium.


Commercial Related FAQ's

How do you color mortar?

We can color mortar using aggregates or pigments. Colored aggregates are preferred.

Why do you recommend hiring an expert?

Aesthetics!  Just about anyone could beat a spalled brick out of a wall, stuff a new brick in there and smear it up with mortar.  But therein lies the problem; often when we see a DIY brick repair or tuckpointing job performed by the unskilled and they were not neat and precise about it.  They usually destroy the aesthetics of the building by damaging adjoining brick or using the wrong mortar dye, causing the repair to stick out like a neon sign.  Almost invariably they smear up the brick face on the unit they replaced and any other brick anywhere near it.  We’ve seen unskilled work done on prominent buildings where it’s so bad that, if it wasn’t so sad, it could almost be comical.

How much should you expect to pay for a commercial brick repair project.

Access is everything when it comes to brick repair on buildings. Simple repairs done along the ground level of a building may cost $1500.00 while the same repair concept in a difficult access area of a tall building could be $15,000.00.  We restored a historic smokestack once and the scaffold job alone was around $20,000.00.  So simply setting it up and tearing it down so that our personnel could access the work was $20,000.00.  Actually, doing the work cost more.  If we were working on the same square footage along the ground level, then the entire cost of that job would have been close to $20,000.00.

Ideally, you’ll call, and we’ll come give you a quote. You might find the visit educational beyond the quote as well.

When is the best time to replace cracked or damaged bricks?

The best time of year to tackle a brick replacement job is in moderate weather.  In a perfect world, it would be a little cool, no wind, a constant temperature of 55 degrees, and fully overcast skies.  In the real world the brick mason must adapt procedures to accommodate the prevailing weather conditions.  In the late fall we might use accelerators or even baffle a job and supply heat, for example.

When is it time to consider a commercial brick repair?

Address brick, mortar, flashing, caulking or roofing issues immediately.  This could save thousands of dollars.  Very often when we inspect buildings, we find extensive damage that could have been avoided entirely by repairing leaky flashing right away.  Don’t wait!  As soon as an issue is detected, a qualified person needs to find the cause of the problem.  Most buildings are built, occupied and then left to endure the elements for years without any inspections being performed at all.

Water is the number one enemy of brick buildings particularly in the northern climates.  It is recommended that buildings be inspected at scheduled intervals for issues with brick, mortar and flashing.

When inspecting your building, look for issues with the mortar like erosion and pop-out.  Dusting (softening of the mortar) is also a signal that brick has been taking on excessive water and stressing out during freeze/thaw.  When you dig into mortar with a hard probe, like a nail, it should be firm.  You should not be able to carve into it at all.

Brick should be inspected to determine whether there are any spalled units.  Brick spall is usually caused by excessive water absorption, and this is usually caused by failed flashing, mortar failure or even simply brick at the end of its service life. Brick usually fails from the top down.  This is because of water exposure.  The top course of a brick structure that’s exposed to weather absorbs water and then freezes.  Brick windowsills and brick under leaky parapet caps are the number one location for brick deterioration.

What is the difference between a commercial job and a residential job?

The most significant difference with a commercial building vs. a residential home would be access.  Your average home offers fairly simple access for general inspection while a commercial building may require specialized equipment to be able to put eyes on various exterior surfaces.  In addition to this, commercial buildings usually have flat roofs, metal parapet caps and caulked control joints, all of which need to be inspected regularly.

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