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We use installation techniques recognized by the top engineers in the industry and do not take short cuts or deviate from the program. This means our customers receive the finest quality surface available.

This is a driveway in Minnetonka that we installed around 1990. It looks as good to this day. We use the exact same procedure for driveways now as we did then. The first driveway we ever did was in 1978, also in Minnetonka. I looked at it a couple of years ago and it still looks real good. Concrete offers much more return on investment than asphalt.

Concrete EntryA New Look

The owner got tired of mowing the little hill along the city sidewalk and also wanted to “jazz-up” the look of the walk to the front door.

The steps are made of MN Dolomite Glacier buff random flagging in mortar. The wall is made of 8 Chilton wallstone with minimum reveal mortar. (looks like dry stack)

The front steps feature a rounded design riser set with a straight riser band across the door front. The sidewalk flares to meet the wider stoop. The combination works very well and the stone color is picked up on the old accent Dolomite bed face around the front door.

Brick Entry DuringBelden Face Brick with NY Bluestone Caps

The crew is working on the front entryway. some of the bluestone caps have been set on the lower two risers.

The finished product is a huge improvement to the first impression of the house. the face brick colors are picked up in the door and windows. the ny bluestone has a unique beauty of it’s own, it lends itself well in many applications. we installed a new concrete slab in front of the new stoop.

Brick Concrete Entry After

Entry way of Stone / ConcreteBlack Shale Stoop

This stoop was designed with Black Shale face brick on the risers and buttress. The tread stone and the matching caps are MN dolomite, rock faced edges on the buttress caps and smooth cut on the riser edges. Sorry about the obscured view, but by the time I returned to take the photo the owner had really went wild with the plants.


Backyard Concrete Fire Pits - DaycoGeneral.comFire Pit

We installed this round fire pit area with Charcoal dyed concrete and a custom sized steel ring.  Adding color to your concrete can be like going from black and white television to color.  It can really enhance the appearance and is available in a variety of options.
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