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No matter the age or style, at some point you may need chimney masonry repair. Chimneys do experience degeneration which in turn results in the need for repair work and/or maintenance. Small circumstances like a bird’s nest in your chimney can cause significant damages which can become downright costly. Dayco General specializes in chimney masonry repair.

Prior to looking at your chimney repairs, it is essential to inspect the architecture of the chimney and masonry because this is the basis of the entire process. The brick and mortar should not allow rain and other elements to permeate the chimney’s composite structure.

Deterioration to brick chimneys can be triggered by several factors. However, the scope and magnitude of the repair work is usually an aspect of the age of the structure, but can also be caused by extreme weather, a falling tree limbs, lightning strike, or even a chimney fire. Damages brought on by the deteriorating mortar, excess moisture within the chimney, or chimney fire will weaken clay tile liners, brick and mortar.

It is extremely important to have your chimney inspected from time to time. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends annual chimney inspection. In the Twin Cities Metro area our extreme freeze/thaw cycling adds even more importance to the need for a routine inspection.

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Qualified repair work is suggested when you feel that the extent of the damage is beyond what you can safely and comfortably handle. Additionally, an inspection from our CSIA certified specialists can provide you with a report which offers proper maintenance procedures.

Older brick and mortar that have been through many freeze/thaw cycles, particularly on chimneys that have a leaking cap which has allowed water to both the inside and outside of a masonry wall, can swell significantly causing a visible (and sometimes hazardous) lean to the chimney structure as time goes by. Interestingly, a chimney that leans will usually tip away from the sun. In the northern hemisphere, this means an older chimney with severe freeze/thaw expansion damage will lean toward the north because the sunny side will have a broader depth of temperature variation and Dayco General Inc. is CISA Certifiedmore frequent and structurally significant swings in the freeze/thaw phenomena. In the past, we’ve seen a couple examples of very large chimneys that were leaning so dangerously to one side that in both cases we advised the homeowner to avoid all living space in the “fall zone” and expedite replacement procedures.

Brick replacement and tuckpointing should only be done by an experienced tradesman. We consistently see damaged home facades where an inexperienced person tried to do tuckpointing only to do irreversible smear damage to the brick. Tuckpointing is one of the trades that have a high learning curve and much experience is needed to give a great looking job that will last for a very long time.

If you find any cracks or signs of deterioration, crumbling mortar in the chimney, it is time to get in contact our experts here at Dayco General for a chimney inspection to ensure the safety and security of your house. Ignoring chimney masonry repairs can be costly and dangerous for your family.

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Chimney Repair Minneapolis MN

Dayco General is CSIA certified, fully licensed and insured. (License # BC266544)
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