Chimney Repair in Cold Weather

Yes, you will be told it’s not ideal to do chimney repairs when the weather is less than ideal. There are several reasons for this, the primary one is that mortars do not set properly when temperatures are lower. Another reason is safety, roofs often become slick when its colder out. Keeping everyone safe is important, but sometimes there are other reasons and safety factors forcing work to be needed in winter.

Necessity Forces Cold Weather Repair Work

If you need work completed during the cold season. You can expect a larger cost. It really saves money to have work done in spring, summer, and early fall. The temperatures go down, the risk factors and expenses go up. You also really want qualified people when work is needed in the cold. This isn’t a time to become a do-it-yourself person or to hire someone who isn’t experienced.

There are times, though, when for the safety of your family. You will need repairs done in the winter weather season, especially in the Minneapolis area. The winter here is extended.

Time for Repairs

We will create a “warm room” around the work area to ensure that your chimney can be repaired properly even in winter. We trained our team to use the best techniques available for cold weather options. These techniques add to the time needed for completion. You’ll need to be prepared for our team to be on your property for a slightly extended timeline versus other seasons for work.

Sometimes, we will do a temporary repair to get your system safe until spring, when a better solution can be completed. We will then return during warm weather to complete the repair, usually an aesthetic component.

Annual Inspections

A good way to prevent the need for a cold weather repair is to get an annual chimney inspection. Ironically, late winter after the snowy portion of winter is through is a great time to plan for an inspection. You can finish out winter with a fresh inspection, get any needed repairs scheduled and done in spring. It will prepare you knowing your system is ready to use for the following cold season.

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