Fireplace Repair

Fireplace Chimney Inspection Minnetonka MN - DaycoGeneral.comWhen you call Dayco General to repair your fireplace, our trained technicians will examine your flue and damper to make sure you have the proper ventilation needed for your home or business. Whether you need a fireplace repaired or a new installation, our certified chimney experts are equipped for the job. We provide quick and professional fireplace repair and service in homes across the entire Minneapolis metro area.

Our team can repair or restore all types of fireplaces. When you see cracks or other issues in your fireplace or chimney, know that it will burn fuel less efficiently and could possibly become a safety hazard.

Excessive Fireplace Smoke?
Excessive smoke is one sign of the need for fireplace repairs. While it could be possible that you are burning the wrong type of wood, you could also have the wrong size flue or another issue within your fireplace. If you notice cracks or any type of damage in your fireplace, it is definitely time to call a certified chimney technician. Cracks or holes in your fireplace will cause heat loss, but more importantly, they are a leading cause of house fires. It is possible for sparks and/or high flames can escape through the cracks and set fire to the insulation and other materials inside the walls or ceiling.

Fireplace Repair Company
The expert technicians at Dayco General provide professional fireplace repair, routine maintenance, and installation services to customers all over the Twin Cities metro area. Whether you need minor repairs or a complete chimney replacement, our technicians are committed to customer satisfaction to provide the quality and reliable repair services you deserve! We handle most all chimney related problems, however, we do not offer chimney sweeping.

Call us for any of your fireplace repair needs. 952-449-8643 or fill out the form below for a free review and repair estimate of your chimney.