What should we look for, in a chimney repair professional?

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You’ll want to look for the normal licensed and insured, but long experience and professional certifications are super important as well. This is something to look for particularly in a chimney repair professional.  Here at Dayco, we have always made it a priority to be super good to our employees. This actually has turned out to be an excellent benefit to our customers.  When people are treated well they tend to stay with you.  We believe that we have had a very low employee turnover rate for our industry.  We’ve had the same crews working together and developing on the same systems and techniques with us for over 20 years now.

There are things to look for and there are also things to look out for when you find that you require chimney repair. We’ve noticed some substandard workmanship performed by chimney sweeps that extend themselves beyond the cleaning and into brick repair.  This is definitely not to say that all chimney sweeps are not good at installing concrete caps or performing brick replacement on chimneys.

We have nothing against chimney sweeps, however, we’ve seen this going on enough that we believe it is worth mentioning for the sake of people considering using their sweep to perform brick replacement.  The proper checks should always be done before proceeding with any home improvement.

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