Stone Walls, Chimneys, Walkways, and Steps

There are many ways of installing stonework the 3 most common are:

  • Ashlar – The stones are not bigger than a single installer can handle. They are usually consistent with each other. This is usually a 2:1 ratio width versus height but can be installed horizontally as well.
  • Random Rubble – The stones used in this technique can be quite large especially on their face areas with smaller stone in lesser areas.
  • Mosaic – There is an art to all the different techniques, but mosaic especially requires a skill set of an experienced mason in order to get all the mortar joints approximately the same.
  • Veneer – Veneer installation requires a delicate touch that requires our most experienced people. The thin size also allows for small errors to show more easily.

The key to good stonework is in the mortar. The most important part is the consistency and any sort of differences will stand out.   

Chimney Repair Spring Park MN | DaycoGeneral.comStone Chimneys

This Chilton stone chimney was in good shape except for the mortar and the cap. We repaired the cap and tuck pointed the chimney down to the roofline. We then added some new back flashing to complete the project.

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Stone Masonry Chimney
Stonework is a very delicate task with heavy materials. Stone masons work very carefully to construct and maintain level with their stonework.
NY Bluestone Chimney Reconstruction Minneapolis MN |
Stone Retaining Wall
Stone layers used to create a stepped retaining wall used as a brilliant flower bed to highlight this business.
Stone Retaining Wall
Round Stone Chimney
Using round less standard stone is no problem. Our masons are trained and experienced with many different materials.
Stone Chimney Repair Minneapolis MN Dayco General
Stone Border Wall
Highlighting the your border and creating a separation from the sidewalk and your property can add a lovely visual effect as well as reduce traffic on your lawn.
Stone Border Wall
Stone Retaining / Support Wall
Some properties are on such a grade that a wall is the best way to maintain the stability of the land. Here is one such example of a retaining wall also acting as support for the property.
Retaining Stone Wall
Wall Closer Look
A retainer wall combined with a small barricade against unwanted foot traffic. This stone wall is visually stunning.
Stone Border Wall Close
Brickwork Chimney with Stonework Cap
Here is a beautiful brick chimney that our masons created and then they capped it off with some stonework at the top.
Brick Chimney with Stone Highlights
Stone Column Accents
If you have columns on your home, you may want to highlight them with some stone masonry work around the base. This creates a visually stunning effect and adds some additional strength to the column itself.
Column Accents
Stone Masonry Chimney
Stone Masonry for a chimney. This is a really elegant look for a home, so visually appealing and unexpected. You'll love your chimney if you choose a stone construction.
Stone Chimney
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